Chacco Blue 1

Breed: Oldenburger

Colour: brown

Mother: Patrizia/ Ludwig AS

Father: Chacco's Son/ Chacco Blue

Size: 167 cm

Date of birth: 10.03.2011

Price: o. r. 

King HB L 1

Breed: KWPN

Colour: brown

Mother: Goronda Musterd/ Heartbreaker

Father: Calvaro Z/ Caletto I

Size: 163 cm

Date of birth: 01.06.2015

Price: o. r.


Breed: Westfalen

Farbe: brown

Mother: Galina/ Grandilot

Father: Spiderman/ Satisfaction I

Size: 167 cm

Date of birth: 28.05.2013

Price: o. r.